Oracle Membership will enable you to collaborate with The Probe on Social Impact Projects. You can collaborate with us on projects in areas of public health, environment, climate change, woman empowerment, child rights, transparency in governance, inclusivity and any sectors that have a predominant social interest theme. These collaborations must be on social impact areas only and on subjects of public interest and are available only for Indian Citizens.

Any formidable task that touches and transforms lives is always accomplished when compassion, visionary zeal and tireless action go hand in hand. As an Oracle Member with The Probe, you can nurture and nourish a Social Impact Project; we will work tirelessly on the ground to bring to life stories related to the project.

This can touch, heal and transform the lives and livelihoods of many people. We believe that the transformative power of our reportage combined with your support will help us do justice to our social impact initiatives. While you nourish our stories, we will exercise complete editorial control over the projects to ensure that there is no breach of journalistic principles.

These social impact initiatives require in-depth field work, research and extensive coordination across many people and places. We are keen to take it up and bring out reports and stories based on flawless investigation and meticulous scrutiny. Our team brings to the table decades of experience in investigative journalism that has led to policy changes and reforms.

However, as you are aware, projects of this magnitude demand extensive infrastructure, logistics and manpower support. You could join hands with The Probe by identifying a socially relevant project which will bring in positive transformations in the lives of people. If our editorial board decides to take up the project, our team will get in touch with you and discuss a proposal, following which an MOU will be signed between both the parties. Based on the terms of the MOU, the project will be executed and published in The Probe. The Oracle Member will be given due credit for identifying and initiating the Social Impact Project when the story is published as per the terms of the MOU.

We belong to a small but distinguished group of independent journalists who believe that Journalism must be used as a tool for social change. Our platform is Ad-Free. Traditional media follows the principles of grabbing the attention of the audience to sell ads. We instead believe that media must focus on winning the trust of the people by way of doing stories that matter to people the most. We believe that your support will help us execute socially relevant projects on issues that must be addressed and problems that must be solved.



1. Please note that we will collaborate with Oracle Members only after a due diligence exercise is carried out.

2. The collaboration will take place after an approval by the Editorial Board of The Probe.

3. The cost for each of these projects may vary depending on the nature of the project and the resources needed to execute the project.

4. After the Board’s approval you will receive a communication, requesting you to sign an MOU on the project. After signing the MOU, you will be welcomed on board as an Oracle Member for the project till the termination of the project service contract.

5. Oracle membership is a time bound association based on the duration of the execution of the project supported by the Oracle members. This means that once the project is executed and published, the Oracle membership comes to a closure. Nevertheless, past Oracle members could renew or extend their memberships by identifying a new project. The terms of the renewed / extended memberships will be outlined in the new MOU with the Oracle Member.


Please fill the form and click on the submit button to send us a proposal for collaboration on Social Impact Projects. We will revert to you at the earliest.